New & Used for Sale

Many people like ownership and we are able to offer New or Used in virtually any type of materials handling equipment. Not just a truck hire company, our excellent after sales service is second to none. A free no obligation site survey is carried out and the best equipment matching your budget and specifications are offered.

New trucks
New trucks are fairly easy to supply and match the specifications required. Price is always a factor but if we can offer something that does the job better, more cost effective and reliable then it will pay for itself in the long run. The CESAB range of forklift trucks have a proven track record now being owned and run by Toyota having even more to offer.

Used trucks
Our quality used trucks are available in the following categories;

  • Full Re-Builds
  • Refurbished
  • Cleaned Checked Serviced and Painted
  • As Is Condition

There are many ex-hire fleet trucks that become available as we try to keep the age of the fleet as young as possible. These offer excellent value for money as they have been looked after by us and kept in good condition with a full service history.

All of the above are supplied with a Thorough Examination Certificate in line with LOLER and PUWER standards. Along with the work required being carried out every truck undergoes 4 different inspections by various personnel prior to any delivery taking place. Firstly a service inspection being 76 point check on engined trucks, 70 point check on electric trucks, secondly Thorough Examination Certification, thirdly Pre Delivery Check and one final visual inspection by a senior manager.

Finance Packages
We have a number of finance houses offering the best available rates with varying plans, be it straight forward Leasing agreements or Hire Purchase tailored to meet your satisfaction. As we are connected with major manufacturers like CESAB Toyota we have been able to negotiate special rates on new and used equipment due to the quality of the truck, our standard of service and the residual values they command.

Contract Truck Hire

Short Term
For that immediate requirement, planned short term project or seasonal requirement  we are able to supply machinery for most applications at competitive rates. If we haven’t got it, we will try and get it. Ability to convert to long term at any time.

Long term
New or used, any number of trucks, any type over any period to suit you and your requirements. Hire rates can be tailored to meet the budget and just as important the job in hand. Long term contracts can be with or without maintenance included.

Full contract hire covers all maintenance and gives full peace of mind. For the low usage customer you may be able to save money by paying for the maintenance separately or set the hourly usage and pay excess charges as and when the need arises for more frequent use.

Talk to us about the benefits of hire against ownership, ask yourself why most new trucks purchased in the UK are obtained through contract hire. Below are a few points to consider.

  • Tax efficient
  • Usage of equipment without ownership worries
  • Fixed known cost for now and the future
  • Aids cashflow leaving your cash if needed for your core business
  • VAT payable on rentals
  • Paying for the equipment suited to you from future earnings, no compromise needed for cheaper options
  • No maintenance worries
  • Kept up to date with latest legislation
  • If your operation changes upgrading is easier
  • Replacement machine in the event of the equipment being out of action for more than 24 hours.